Japanese Airplane Food By Nick

Japanese Airplane Food
Shot With CrossProcess

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Nap Time by **Hélène**

Nap Time ZZZZzzzzzZZ
Shot With CrossProcess

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Mobile Photo Awards

Enter the Mobile Photo Awards to win a $500 Apple Gift Card and be a part of a traveling gallery exhibition of 25 winners!
Win iTunes gift cards, online portfolios, free archival prints, free apps and more!

Submit your ShakeItPhoto and CrossProcess pics from now until October 31, 2011. More details at the Mobile Photo Awards website. Happy snapping!

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Food and Travel ShakeItPhoto Shots

Check out these insanely beautiful ShakeItPhoto images, taken by Andrea Gentl. Her iPhone shots can be found here, from her food + travel website, Hungry Ghost

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Mashable’s iPhone Photos of Rainbows

Mashable posted ‘15 Fantastic iPhone Photos of Rainbows‘ and we spotted a couple ShakeItPhoto pics (including a sweet double rainbow shot taken by Dirk Dallas!). Take a peek at the article.photo from mashable.com, taken by Dirk Dallas

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CrossProcess & ShakeItPhoto on the JCrew blog

Some iPhoneography was spotted on the JCrew blog recently!

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Andy Warhol’s Polaroids

Happy Friday! Let’s reminisce a little, shall we? Here are some old Polaroids taken by Andy Warhol. The collection was part of Big Shots: Andy Warhol Polaroids of Celebrities. Also, check out a MossantParis.com post entitled, ‘Andy Got an iPhone‘ for some more of Warhol’s Polaroid photos.

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CrossProcess photos on the Bash, Please blog

Pretty wedding day photos snapped with CrossProcess were found on the Bash, Please blog. We love wedding shots taken with Banana Camera Company apps! (Remember Brian and Pip’s? And ours?)

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Mashable and ShakeItPhoto: Fun With Faxlaroids

Mashable was kind enough to do a write-up of our favorite ShakeItPhoto shots. It was so hard to find only 11 photos, but we think we narrowed it down nicely. Be sure to check out the article. Below are those who made our fave list.

1. Andrew Reitsma

2. Jim Darling

3. Dirk Dallas

4. Matthew Burlem

5. Sion Fullana

6. Greg Briggs

7. Carrie Landers

8. Robert-Paul Jensen

9. Nicholas Corsalini

10. Jenny Markley

11. Eric Einwiller

Thanks, everyone!



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Retro Apple Accessories

Ever notice that so many accessories for your laptop and iPhone are inspired by those things we used to love 20 years ago? Mixtapes, Legos, Game Boys, and the rainbow Apple logo are considered vintage now and popping up as decals and covers. (And even things not so long past: Check out this fake flip phone decal for your iPhone). Funny how we dress up our brand-new technology with decades-old accessories.

Here are some that we like:

Above: Mix Tape iPhone Case. Below: Lego MacBook Sticker.


Above: Vintage Radio iPhone Sticker. Below: Apple Vintage Logo MacBook Decal.

Below: GameBoy Style iPhone Case.


Speaking of the logos, here is an article called 20 Corporate Brand Logo Evolution from instantShift. Did you know that Canon was once called ‘Kwanon’ after a Buddhist Goddess? Their logo was a picture of the goddess with 1000 flames and arms. Whoa.

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